Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunshine and Happiness

So, I've actually begun my one year sabbatical, having sold my Seattle house after 10 months of waiting... turns out I needed to stay put to welcome my first grandchild, Lisette, who arrived Feb. 4, 2011. What a beautiful, peaceful, wonderful addition to my life and to my daughter and son-in-law's life! I'm glad that Universal timing made sure to keep me in my place long enough to get to know this sweet angel and spend time smooching her up!

Now it is March, gray and rainy here in Seattle, and I'm free to I'll begin with a trip to FL to help my friend, Roberta, say goodbye to her husband and my dear friend, Bob Cesped. We will treasure hunt for the important items that represent their life together, and create a memorial service to remember this dear funny wonderful man in Naples, FL. Then I'll go into a 2nd part of my sunny trip to spend time with my MI sisters, Mischelle and Julie, and have a fun and fabulous visit with my parents in Venice and visit other Sarasota area friends. I suspect that soaking up the sunshine that FL offers, walking the area beaches, eating great seafood and relaxing and laughing with those I love will be the great entrance into my one year sabbatical, and my attempt to live in 4 places that I love dearly: FL, MI, CA, and WA! Can it be done? Yes it can... and I'll be writing all about it!