Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Minerva Luella Sneetches rides-From The Carolinas to Anna Maria Island, FL

My amazing cat is a true adventurer.  She was just telling me how happy she is that we've had mostly perfect Fall weather for the East Coast.

From the Carolinas, we buzzed through Georgia on our way to The Fountain of Youth.  Who doesn't want to be eternally young?  I can't say the water tasted all that great, but I drank two cupfuls -- just in case!  Sneetches turned up her nose when I offered her a sip, and disdainfully whispered to me that she has NINE lives…count 'em.  She certainly doesn't need a drink from the Fountain of Youth!

Next up was a very interesting visit to Cape Canaveral…Sneetches got to stay in an air-conditioned pet holding area while I got to see all the wonders of space…loved seeing the historical rockets of the greatest explorations of space and to honor history made by so many brave souls.

From Cape Canaveral, it was a congested ride to Kissimmee…all I have to say to that area is "kiss this"!  One quick overnight and an easy fabulous ride straight to a wonderful two month rental condo on Anna Maria Island…paradise.  Sneetches settled in and was THRILLED to know that we would be staying put for 2 months.  She stretched out, purred, put on her Halloween costume and guarded the candy with her life…she wouldn't even let me have one piece!  Probably a good thing.

As for me, I worked on my annual advertising project for "Know Your Ships", which I've done for the past 15 years.  It was another successful outcome for this publication, and I wrapped it up during November and December while still managing to enjoy Anna Maria Island, exploring every restaurant and nook and cranny of one of my most favorite places on Earth!  I love this island, its old-world Florida charm, the beautiful white sand beaches and sunsets every night.  In one great ride, I cruised along the edges of the Gulf barrier keys from Anna Maria Island to Long Boat Key to Lido Island to Siesta Key…nothing but beauty everywhere I looked.  This area of the U.S. always draws me in and holds me softly when I visit.  Hurricane Hanks became my favorite hideout and "Eat Here" had such great food!  Drinks at any tiki bar is fun, watching football playoffs and taking my WildwomanK Fantasy Football Team to its 2nd championship in a row!  Take that, guys!  Actually I owe a lot of my success to my son, Zachary, who talked me through player changes and strategies for winning!  :D

How about some pictures!

"Momma…do we really have to leave so soon?"
"Yes, little one…Key West is next!  You'll love it"!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marvelous Minerva Rides Again-North Carolina through South Carolina

What a scenic area the Carolina's are…especially the Cape Hatteras beaches where the Wright Brothers spend years getting the first gliders and airplanes to fly with the great windy breezes to help them!  I fly down the road on a motorcycle, but maybe my momma will take me flying in an airplane one of these days.  I'm a very adventuresome cat!

Today, I got to see Myrtle Beach and the Charleston, SC waterfront.  This town of Charleston was a little busy and a little noisy for me, but it was still very pretty.  My Momma stopped for "Pralines" in the Sweet Shop downtown.  She had one for dinner tonight.  I had my cat foot that I really like.  We were both happy.

A Century in Flight-Kitty Hawk, NC

A Century in Flight-Kitty Hawk, NC
 Hilton Head tomorrow, and then Savannah!  I'm the luckiest cat in the world.  And the temperatures are now in the 80's!  My Momma gives me water to drink in my bowl inside my cage, so I don't get too thirsty.  But when she hits a bump, I DO GET WET!  But it feels kind of good anyway, when the wind vents cool me down!  Ahhhhhhh.

Kill Devil Hills Beach Walk on The Atlantic Ocean

What a great day at the Beach

Wright Bros. Memorial-Kill Devil Hills NC

My Momma is a Genius!

Wright Bros. in Flight

Myrtle Beach, SC

Charleston, SC "BEST Pralines" Sweet Shop

Ferry to Ft. Sumter, Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC Waterfront and Bridge

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Minerva The Marvelous Traveling Cat-Riding from Massachusetts through Virginia Oct. 2014

Ferry to Chappaquiddick
Martha's Vineyard

Minerva the Marvelous Traveling Cat-on a Harley

What a fun trip this has been.  Taking a big ferry from Woods Hole on Cape Cod over to Martha's Vineyard was exciting…and then leaving Massachusetts to ride through Connecticut and into Pennsylvania to eat chocolate and go see the Harley Davidson Factory where my Momma's trike was built, and then through riding through W. Virginia to Virginia.  What a great couple of days I have had.  My Momma has always wanted to see Walden's Pond, and she got to see it!  I guess I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Louisa May Alcott's Home

Ralph Waldo Emerson's Home

The North Bridge-Concord, MA

Emerson's Family Graves

Seton Shrine-Emmitsburg, PA

Seton Sisters Graveyard
Monticello-Thomas Jefferson's Mansion
Monticello Vegetable Garden
Monticello Garden

Monticello Garden

Monticello Garden
Thomas Jefferson'a Grave

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Marvelous Minerva Luella Sneetches rides! Michigan through Maine

Niagara Falls-Canada

American Niagara Falls

Sodus Point Lighthouse NY


What a DAY!

Ferry from NY to VT

Maine Lobsters-

Sand Beach-Acadia National Park

Thunder Hole-Acadia Nat'l Park

Lincolnville, Maine

What a great week it has been!  My momma loves to travel, and I love to go anywhere she goes!  I couldn't believe how huge the Niagara Falls are!  I got a little wet, but I like water.  Sometimes I hop into the shower when my momma is finished showering, and I roll around the the leftover water.
I got to see my very first rainbow, close up, and now I've seen a few more.  It rained a little bit, but my momma keeps my cage covered in rain gear, so I'm cozy on my lambswool sleeping pad as we rip down the road on our travels.

I got to take a ferry ride, and lots of people came to talk to me during the crossing from New York to Vermont.  In Vermont, I got to meet an old friend of my momma's named Margaret.  She said she likes cats as she petted me.  The trees are beautiful and the days are sunny and warm even though it is October.  New Hampshire came and went pretty fast, so I was probably napping.

And now we are in Maine!  I love Maine.  Acadia National Park was my favorite so far!  Winding roads, traveling along very slowly, stopping often to look at the beautiful scenery.  I loved Maine.  My friend, George, asked me to try some lobster in Bar Harbor, but I didn't like it.