Thursday, October 23, 2014

Minerva The Marvelous Traveling Cat-Riding from Massachusetts through Virginia Oct. 2014

Ferry to Chappaquiddick
Martha's Vineyard

Minerva the Marvelous Traveling Cat-on a Harley

What a fun trip this has been.  Taking a big ferry from Woods Hole on Cape Cod over to Martha's Vineyard was exciting…and then leaving Massachusetts to ride through Connecticut and into Pennsylvania to eat chocolate and go see the Harley Davidson Factory where my Momma's trike was built, and then through riding through W. Virginia to Virginia.  What a great couple of days I have had.  My Momma has always wanted to see Walden's Pond, and she got to see it!  I guess I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Louisa May Alcott's Home

Ralph Waldo Emerson's Home

The North Bridge-Concord, MA

Emerson's Family Graves

Seton Shrine-Emmitsburg, PA

Seton Sisters Graveyard
Monticello-Thomas Jefferson's Mansion
Monticello Vegetable Garden
Monticello Garden

Monticello Garden

Monticello Garden
Thomas Jefferson'a Grave

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