Monday, October 6, 2014

The Marvelous Traveling Cat…Minerva Luella Sneetches Rides Again…Wisconsin to Michigan

How many cats do you know who ride motorcycles, especially with someone named WildwomanK?  Well I do!

 My Momma loves me very very much.  When I was left on her doorstep in a shoebox, I was only 5 weeks old.  My Momma told me she was planning on going on a big road trip called the Lake Superior Circle, and that if the vet said it was OK, then I could come too.  The Vet said "of course she can ride with you.  She doesn't know that she isn't a motorcycle rider", so we practiced riding and I did really really well.  So off we went!  That was two years ago, and I've ridden over 10,000 miles now and I'm only 2 1/2 years old.  My Momma is a traveler…she calls herself the Gypsy Nomad and our Harley Trike is called the Scarlet Nomad.  We have the same exact birthday, too!  June 11th!

Last summer, we rode from MI all the way to Sturgis for Bike Week.  Oh My.  It was very wild and a lot of people wanted to meet me.  We camped in a tent and made lots of friends of the campers near us and saw many loud bikes with nice people riding them.  

After that, I got to ride to Encinitas, California and spend a couple of months there in the sunshine.  I loved it very much.  And then my Momma and I rode with our friend George from California to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas…and from there Momma and I rode home alone from Austin Texas back     
 to Lakeview, MI.  It was May and it still hailed and rained on us, and the thunderstorms were very scary.  But my Momma always reaches her fingers into my carrier, because I sit on the seat right behind her…she tells me that I am safe with her.

A week ago, my Momma tried to tell me who Frank Lloyd Wright is, and we rode on a very big ferry called the Badger from Ludington, MI to Manitowoc, WI and I got to watch the water swishing by for 4 hours as we crossed Lake Michigan!  Then we rode to Spring Green, WI and my Momma told me I had to stay home while she visited "Taliesin" all by herself, but she told me all about it when she came back to the motel room.  I wish they would let cats go on tours, but
 maybe some day they will.

Next we rode to Milwaukee to see where our Trike engine was built, and I had to stay home again…but I could look out the window of the Iron Horse Hotel and watch my Momma walk to the Harley Davidson Museum from my 4th floor window and get on her tour bus.  I purred and slept while she was gone.  She came home very happy and explained to me that she got to see the first Harley Davidson motorcycles ever made and she got to see where they made her engine.  My Momma even called her Dad to tell him she saw some of the bikes HE used to ride.  She was happy, and that makes me happy too.

 Later that night, my Momma and I read books for awhile, and then we slept in very late because Momma said it was too cold to ride before Noon. I like to sleep late anyway, so we get along very well.  Then we had breakfast and rode back to the Badger Ferry Dock in Manitowoc and boarded that big ship to go back to MI.  I'm glad my Momma put a special furry pad in my cage, because it was very very cold.  I'm also glad I wear a pretty fur calico coat.

I don't know what a "recall" is, but today my Momma said that I got to go to Mt. Pleasant to C&S Sports to have our Harley Trike hydraulic clutch replaced so that we would be safe for our bit 8,000 mile ride we are beginning today.  I got to meet all of the mechanics and everyone was  
                                                                                    happy to see me riding with my Momma every-
                                                                                    where she goes.

When the day is over, and we are in a nice hotel room, it is fun to watch football with my Momma.  She puts on her Raiders shirt, and smiles and cheers for her favorite teams…The Raiders, Bears, Steelers, Packers, and the Rams.

Today we are staying with Momma's friends, Pam and Chris Coughlin in Midland, MI before we start our ride to Canada and Niagara Falls.  My Momma told me that her chaps need fixing before we take off for Maine, and Pam is an expert seamstress.  We will be eating lots and lots of lobster and clam chowder, and my Momma wants extra room in her chaps.  I'm not sure what that means, but I know that I'll find out soon.  Until then, I'm happy to be in a warm cozy house, in a room just for me and Momma and to hear her tell me "I love you, little one".

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