Friday, December 9, 2011

Well, it's been a great sweet little cottage on Townline Lake is the Heaven on Earth that I pictured it would be.  I just love it here.  The summer included a 2 week trip for flyfishing the Madison River in Ennis, MT.  This was on my Bucket List since May of 2006.  What an amazing dream come true.  Friend George and I caught Rainbow and Brown Trout, as well as Whitefish!  It was Heaven on Earth.  I loved every exciting minute of it, including the interaction with our fabulous guide, Charlie Graham.  With his guidance and artful steering on the rapid rocky Madison river, we were able to catch more fish than I could count.  George got the thrill of his life as he brought in his share of these beauties. This trip was absolutely unforgettable for its beauty and its firsts.  Before we went fishing, we both ordered our 2012 Harley Davidson Trikes, saw a great Griz Football game (they are now playing for the championship), and explored other beautiful MT towns.

The next trip out to MT had me signing the papers for my Trike, and then George and I headed out in his big Fleetwood RV to warmer winter climates in Gold Canyon for the winter.   On the roadtrip to AZ, on all small highways, we made the most fabulous stopover for 3 days in Bryce Canyon, and I got to photograph and hike this natural wonder of the U.S.  I call it God's Playground, since it looks like he sat in a big wet red clay valley, and squirted up formations (known as HooDoo's) in the most amazing shapes I've ever seen!  On the way back to Montana in April, we also got to see Capitol Reef National Park (not to be missed) as well as Grand Escalante Staircase National Monument, Vermillion Cliffs, Canyonlands, Arches National Park, Moab, and other beautiful sights.  Wow!!!  Now I can hardly wait to see all the other National Parks that I haven't seen yet, while getting off the beaten path onto all the most beautiful roads in the U.S.  It's a GREAT year of life!

 It is now 13 degrees out, here in Lakeview, MI, and snow is predicted for tonight and for the next few days, as it adds to the smattering of it already on the ground.  But I'm told we will have a heatwave of 36 degrees by Sunday.

As time and the internet connections allow, I'll post pictures of my adventures, write notes on travels, and document this year on the road.  Next summer I'll ride from MI out to Sturgis, SD, Montana, Wyoming, and wherever else to road takes me!  I can hardly wait.

One other trip that gets wedged into my winter is my very first Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans for a couple of weeks, followed by a stay on Anna Maria Island in FL while I catch up with family and friends in that area!

Life Is Good!  Lets keep it that way!

Dream BIG, my friends...what I've learned for sure is that there is absolutely no difference between creating "buttons or castles"...there is certain size of things that we are allowed to dream of, and we don't have a limit on what we may expect from the Infinite Spirit that lives through each one of us!  So pull out ALL THE STOPS, and dream BIG!  And always say "this...or something better"...

You have no idea what this will do for your life!

Love Everybody!

Kathryn O'Gould
Sunset at my cottage-Lakeview, MI

Heaven on Earth Cottage


Dragonfly Cottage
Backyard on the Lake