Sunday, August 18, 2013

From Great Falls MT to Missoula MT to Glacier National Park!

Oh YES...after a 100* day of riding from Great Falls to Missoula!  What could be better than this?

Brennan's, too, can surf in one spot on the river!

I'm a kid again!  So is Linda

Dinner at the elegant PLONKS-Missoula

Linda McGarvey (here from MI), George Orr from Missoula and me

Momma:  Are we really heading out already? get to stay home alone in our friend's house and rest!  See you in 3 days!

The ride was hot and beautiful...smoke wisps everywhere from the Montana wild fires, none of which were actually anywhere close to us.

Couldn't ride with a jacket on because it was over 100* and way, way exhausting to do whats a few insect collisions?

Entered Missoula around 5 p.m., and made my way to a cold shower, a cold beer or five, and a very cool Buffalo Wild Wings establishment for the pre-season football game.  Being a Raiders, Rams, and Bears fan in this world isn't an easy thing...but I persist anyway!

Today we 3 travelers depart together to ride to Whitefish, Kalispell, and Glacier National Park.  We will stay overnight in Kalispell tonight and then take off for Glacier in the morning...ride that fabulous "Going to the Sun Road" all day on Monday, come back to Kalispell and spend the night again, and then head back to Missoula on Tuesday.  Its only going to be in the 80's for the next few days, and the wildfires are not where we are heading...all is well.

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