Sunday, August 18, 2013

Missoula to Kalispell MT

 Momma...Can I go, Can I go too?  Minerva Luella will be staying home at a friend's house and resting for a couple of days while we ride into the wild.  There will be lions and tigers and bears, oh my.  You will be very glad you stayed home alone and had a great adventure of your own.

Today's ride was absolutely perfect.  We started off at the crack of Noon, following a great breakfast prepared by one and all.  The day was hot enough to decline the leather jackets, and yet not too hot for a fabulous ride.  We flew along through the gorgeous scenery as we ran along Flathead Lake on Hwy. 93 headed North to Kalispell.  We intended to spend most of the day sitting in the very pleasant Moose's Saloon, eating their gluten-free pizza and drinking copious amounts of beer.  And we succeeded!
Stopping for lunch on Flathead Lake, MT

Flathead Lake

George Orr
WWK and Linda McGarvey along for a great ride

Going To The Sun Road-Glacier Natl. Park
Moose's Saloon-Kalispell
And lucky for us, there was a TravelLodge across the street, and we safely parked the bikes for the night and walked back and forth from Moose' Saloon.  

Tomorrow is a brand new day...filled with the excitement of safely riding the "Going To The Sun Road" through Glacier National Park, heading East to West in a monumental effort to stay away from the cliff-side drop offs and stay on the inner lane against the mountain pass.  Wish us all great luck, even though I can tell you that the angels always ride along with special request.

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