Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wisconsin To Iowa---Such Beauty

The Ride today through farm fields on Hwy. 18 from Wisconsin to Iowa has been about the most beautiful breathtaking countryside I've ever encountered!  I felt like I was in Ireland for this entire stretch of my ride.  Such beauty that I threw up my hands several times to yell "WooHoo".

I also couldn't believe how fun it was to see The House on the Rock and that "neighbors" Alex Jordan and Frank Lloyd Wright outdid each other in the most freakishly beautiful houses I've seen!  BOTH guys lived around the same time, both were wildly weird in their need for seclusion, and both were deeply talented architects who expressed the best they had to offer!

I could only wish to have lived at the same time they did (perhaps I did?)  because these are my kind of guys!  They fearlessly forged forward with their individual styles and created the outcomes of their minds.  They lived out loud.

I moved on down the road to a crazy part of the country...a bit out of work, a bit scary here in New Hampton, Iowa, at the Southgate Inn...But if one is a traveler, one must come across the realities or others on her travels.

Tomorrow I head to Sioux Falls, SD...I have a friend there, and I will be in good company.


  1. It was a pleasure bumping into you on one of your stops to fuel up. :)

  2. I enjoyed meeting you, also...glad you are a new friend!