Thursday, August 8, 2013

From Michigan Through Wisconsin

We live in a beautiful world...filled with good people, and all the beauty we can absorb.  As I travel through small farming communities in this state, I'm filled with such a deep sense of happiness at the creation of everything I see.

Before anything happens in reality and before it outpictures in from of us, we first THINK it into reality.  We are amazingly powerful creatures, filled with the God-stuff itself.  We just don't fully realize this as we struggle against daily life and our own mis-creations.

However, when we do have moments of JOY, perhaps it is in these moments that we realize that we had a hand in creating those very moments, too.

I loved the lazy twirling windmills in farm country.

I love riding my motorcycle, because it keeps in focused on being "in the moment".

Other days, I find my mind wandering into scenarios of imagination that have nothing to do with where I am in this exact moment.  Then I snap back into focus when a large semi flies by me or a road sign comes up quickly.
 The town of Wisconsin Dells was bustling with activity.  But once, again, I meet the nicest the cop who didn't give me a ticket for parking illegally while I ran inside the Visitor's Bureau to find a motel that would allow cats...and the boat Captains on The Wisconsin River who toured us through the beautiful sandstone cliffs, including 2 walking tours deep inside the beautiful formations such as Witches Gulch.  And the brave young man who hopped from one ledge to another, just as they've done through the years.

I'm happy to be on this beautiful road trip, and I'm just plain be alive, to love what is, to finally love myself, and to be the presence of love on this planet.

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