Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Glacier National Park 8/13

Logan's Pass

Hanging over the Ledge-Logan's Pass

Lake McDonald Lodge

Lake McDonald

Boat Ride Anyone?
OH MY...What a beautiful stunning "Heaven on Earth"

This ride on motorcycles with friends Linda McGarvey, who flew out from MI and George Orr from Missoula was unforgettable...first of all we all survived rounding the endless curves with 5,000 foot drop offs, and second we smiled the whole way around (after taking strong medicinal herbs to steady our nerves...Bach Flower Remedies for "known fears").

This ride started out with us heading East to West on the "Going To The Sun Road", and it took the entire day, due to the non-stop curves and pull-outs and chatting with other biker travelers on the road due to lengthy stops for road construction.  We had very nice weather, as you can see from the
"blue-skies smiling at me...nothing but blue skies do I see" pictures.

I couldn't be happier to check another item off my bucket list and to have yelled "woo hoo" through countless curves and canyons.

Two years ago, there was 54 feet of snow in Logan's Pass at The Summit when I tried to do this drive at the end of June 2010.  Now having seen the top of the summit of The Going To The Sun Road this time around, in August, 2013 and the remaining snow from last Winter,  I feel blessed to have been part of the awestruck individuals who stood with their mouths hanging open.  There was the group of Christian bikers from all over the world who rode to Sturgis to minister to the zillions of biker partiers there and then rode on to gasp at the wonders that the hand of God wrought in Glacier National Park.

We ended our day by staying in Coram at The Evergreen Motel, and we all agreed that it was one of the nicer accommodations that we had during this entire trip.  We ate across the street at the Glacier Grill and had fabulous wild-caught salmon and copious amounts of local Black Star Brewery Beer out of Whitefish, MT as well as gallons of rich red wine.  Thats all I remember.  We made fast friends with other travelers from CO and MT, and a good time was had by all.

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